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Saving Money by Black Friday Shopping - How To Survive

Black Friday is the best shopping day of the year. Use these tips to have a great day and save money.

Black Friday shopping is the day after Thanksgiving every single year. Many stores open early and offer free items or discounts. This is a wonderful way to save on your Christmas shopping or even get things for yourself at a discount. This day is going to be stressful though if you let the crowds get to you while out shopping. There are several ways to make sure the day goes well for you.  Follow these easy steps to save money and get through the day unharmed.

  • Find a babysitter. Do not take your children along for the trip. They will get in the way and you will worry about them the entire time. It is also way too early for them so they will be grumpy. Let them stay the night with someone the night before so you don't have to worry about them and can take a short nap after you're done shopping.
  • Make a great list before you go shopping. Go through every single shopping ad that is in the paper. Decide where you want to go and what they have that you plan to buy there. Don't skip any ads because some places offer free items that it is worth stopping by just to get if you are close to them. This is the perfect day to pick up electronics. You might have to wait in line for them, but you can save a hundred dollars sometimes which is a huge savings.
  • If you aren't willing to go out and shop, check online deals. Some stores offer free shipping and specials for Black Friday as well. This can save you some money if you don't want to fight all of the crowds or get up early. Some of them start as early as 12:01 am so you can simply stay up a little late.
  • Watch your purse and watch other people. There will be so many crowds that it is easy for someone to run off with your purse or run over you. Pay close attention so nothing bad happens and you have a great experience shopping. If something gets stolen, it can ruin your entire day.
  • Take cash with you to avoid overspending. Stick to your list and only purchase what you have the cash to cover. This also makes it easier to get in and out of each store quickly and not waste a bunch of time.

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helpful info. xx

I watched news about it on TV. people are really crazy. xxx

Nice article about black friday. Well done on this article.

Shopping on black Friday is so exciting!

I don't shop on black Friday . You have detailed this well and the presentation is nicely done too.