5 Ways To Exercise For Free At Home
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5 Ways To Exercise For Free At Home

Money is tight for many people worldwide due to unstable economic conditions. Given budget constraints, often people forgo exercise as they do not have money for aerobic activities. As well, parents with young children may not be able to easily leave the home. Recognize that exercise can be carried out for free within the home. For instance, weights can be created using household items. There are four other methods that are effective and free as well.

Money is tight for many people worldwide due to unstable economic conditions. Given budget constraints, often people forgo exercise as they do not have money to devote to aerobic activities.

As well, groups such as parents with young children may be unable to easily leave home yet still want to work out. People may also prefer home-based workouts to the gym. Recognize that exercise can be carried out for free within the house. Yes, free!

The Stairs

Climb the stairs at your house or condo building. A staircase provides a great platform for free exercise. Walk or jog up and down flights of stairs.

Vary the routine to keep maintain your motivation. For example, jog in place for thirty seconds at the bottom of the staircase, then run up the stairs, and jog in place at the top. Hold on to a bannister for better balance while heading down the stairs if needed. Maintain proper posture to achieve the best results.

For a lower-impact exercise, walk the stairs instead. Carry hand weights if you already own them or make your own using materials around the house.

Make Your Own Weights

Create your own weights by using soup cans already stocked in the kitchen. Small cans can serve as light weights. Build up to using larger sized cans as you gain strength with the workouts.

Paint cans are other convenient and free items to use as weights at home. Again, use different sized cans depending on your strength level.

Pair the weights with an aerobic video if you already own one. Videos can also be released on loan from the library. There is no fee charged as long as the video is returned within the allotted time.


Turn up the radio and start to dance. Choose a style of dance you enjoy to keep yourself motivated and get the most physical benefit from your movements.

Dancing is fun and requires simply a pair of runners and a radio. Aerobic dancing burns calories, can be done at home, and does not require any outlay of money.

Digital music channels are another source for the music to accompany the dance movements. The music channels may be available within your current cable package for no additional price. Phone your cable company to inquire if you are not already aware of the digital channels.


If you have companions at home, include them in the workout. Play with your young children or with your animals. A baby is a substantial weight and you may be toning your arms carrying the youngster without even realizing the exercise involved.

Playing with your pet or hide-and-seek with your children are calorie-burning activities. Remember, playtime is not just for kids!


Cleaning furnishings is also a good way to exercise at home. No extra money is required beyond the cleaning materials that would be purchased anyways to keep the home tidy.

Activities such as mopping the floors and scrubbing the bathtub can work up a sweat. These activities require active arm movements and stretching torso. Cleaning the house is a free workout that many people overlook for its calorie-burning benefits.

When home-based activities work best with your lifestyle, there are many ways to exercise for free without leaving the front door. Dance to your favorite music or play with your children. Use weights made from soup cans and climb stairs. Cleaning is a workout in itself. Budget constraints need not limit your ability to exercise at home.

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Comments (14)

Prolific home exercises.

So many ways to burn calories! Thanks for sharing.

Great ideas for people on tight budgets to keep in shape without having to leave the house! ood work, Christy!

Thanks for the positive comments and I'm glad to be able to share the information!

Good ideas which I support, gymnasiums are too expensive. I have had home gyms before and prefer to run or walk in a park as well.

Excellent choices, especially for those who do not want to exercise with others. Voted!

Great ideas, thanks Christy!

With these tips there is no reason to have an excuse not to exercise. Perfect for when the weather is bad, and even better great money saving tips.

Thanks Peter, Diane, Kimberley, and Pat for the great comments. I'm glad the article has been useful for you.

Free is the way to go ... great article!

Thanks Graciela. Yes, free is a good thing!

great tips thanks, votes

Thank-you tamrh!

Great tips. Many people need to stay at home and can keep fit by excercising at home. http://www.micoequipment.com