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Here are 10 Effective Ways to Lower Your Phone Bill. If you follow these Simple tips, you can certainly Lower Your Phone Bills.
Published by Rox B 94 months ago in Budgeting & Saving | +25 votes | 19 comments
ING Direct offers easy online savings options with no minimum amounts to open many different types of savings accounts, CDs, and other accounts. ING Direct offers competitive interest rates as well as resources, tools, and tips for how to maximize your savings. Federally insured by the FDIC so members can feel safe depositing money and maintaining their accounts with this financial institution.
Published by Account Deletion Requested 65 months ago in Budgeting & Saving | +22 votes | 12 comments
Estimating your Income & Projecting your Expenses
Published by Thomas Gordon 99 months ago in Budgeting & Saving | +21 votes | 8 comments
Where do you find those obscure nooks and crannies on the internet that give you high value coupons? Where are hard to find coupons? Are you looking for a master list to bookmark so you can check your favorite coupon sites from week to week when you go to the drug store, grocery shopping, and clothes shopping? Look no further. I am going to consolidate your link list right here to one!
Published by Amy Russell 62 months ago in Budgeting & Saving | +20 votes | 11 comments
Buying merchandise used instead of new saves a lot of money
Published by Sharona 100 months ago in Budgeting & Saving | +20 votes | 9 comments
Money is tight for many people worldwide due to unstable economic conditions. Given budget constraints, often people forgo exercise as they do not have money for aerobic activities. As well, parents with young children may not be able to easily leave the home. Recognize that exercise can be carried out for free within the home. For instance, weights can be created using household items. There are four other methods that are effective and free as well.
Published by Christy Birmingham 67 months ago in Budgeting & Saving | +19 votes | 13 comments
Many people are trying to live a frugal lifestyle, to save their money rather than spending it. These are often goal driven people who recognize the real value of holding on to their money. There are five big mistakes that people often make when they are trying to be frugal, we shall look at those and help you avoid making these budgeting and spending errors.
Published by Kaleidoscope Acres 67 months ago in Budgeting & Saving | +18 votes | 8 comments
A brief look into the lives of the typical American millionaire.
Published by sharif Ishnin 86 months ago in Budgeting & Saving | +18 votes | 15 comments
We all have dreams and we want to reach some goals in our life. Financial planning is necessary to achieve some of these dreams and may help you to increase your savings
Published by Erik Van Tongerloo 94 months ago in Budgeting & Saving | +17 votes | 4 comments
Thanks to This Recession, money is disappearing faster than you can say "Houdini did it."
Published by Sy Kravitz 99 months ago in Budgeting & Saving | +17 votes | 1 comments
For people on a budget, saving money on produce at the grocery store is very important. Buy fruits and vegetables when they are in season and look for sale items by reading local flyers. Add in coupons to save even more money. Another tip is to buy produce items before they are fully ripened. Same money, one shopping trip at a time!
Published by Christy Birmingham 66 months ago in Budgeting & Saving | +16 votes | 11 comments
A frugal lifestyle is important given the economic downturns affecting many economies today worldwide. It is possible to be social while being thrifty. Keep the budget in check and still be able to go to the movie theatre for a fun night out. Take the time to research the pricing at each theatre, share costs with companions, and evaluate how combo options can offer additional savings.
Published by Christy Birmingham 68 months ago in Budgeting & Saving | +16 votes | 10 comments
Even if you feel your job is secure, you should continue searching for ways to improve your financial prosperity.
Published by Dustin LaBarge 93 months ago in Budgeting & Saving | +16 votes | 8 comments
Saving money without hardship, by shopping around for good credit cards, paying yourself first, shopping for sale items, saving your pocket change, and protecting your credit rating.
Published by TracyAnn 73 months ago in Budgeting & Saving | +15 votes | 6 comments
How to control money and avoid being controlled by money. How to budget for a happy life. How many hours should you work per week? How much money does a person need to be happy or does happiness come from something else? What makes a person happy? Learn how to be more frugal
Published by Kaleidoscope Acres 75 months ago in Budgeting & Saving | +15 votes | 7 comments
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