Best Online Budgeting Website: vs. Mvelopes
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Best Online Budgeting Website: vs. Mvelopes

In this report

Creating a budget is essential when trying to save money.  It is important to know exactly how much money you have for food, housing, utilities, and fun in order to properly create an accurate budget.  Many people have a hard time creating and implementing a budget and turn to the resources provided by online budgeting websites.  Online budgeting websites help consumers see how they should allocate their money based on current salary and previous spending habits. Two of the best websites for creating a budget and tracking where and how you spend the hard-earned money you make are and Mvelopes.

#1 - is a completely free website that allows users to view a detailed outline of their previous spending habits, create a detailed budget, and monitor their accounts for suspicious activity.  By linking their bank accounts, investments, and credit cards to their accounts, users are able to get an exact break-down of their spending habits and see where they can save money.  Based on the linked accounts and information given, helps the user to create the best and most do-able budget.


  • is completely free.  There is never any charge to use Mint.Com.
  • is 100% safe.  Users never have to worry about having their information stolen when using
  • will send you alerts if you are going to go over your budget.
  • helps monitor all of the accounts you input for suspicious activity.


  • Sometimes will place new charges made in the incorrect category.  For instance, a charge made at a drugstore could be placed in the "Grocery" category instead of "Miscellaneous".
  •  can be difficult to use for those who are not technologically savvy.

Pricing: is always free for users.

#2 - Mvelopes

Mvelopes is an online budgeting tool that mimics the "cash envelope" budgeting system.  Users are able to link their bank accounts to their Mvelope accounts and view how they have previously spent money and help allocate future monies spend into "mvelope" categories such as "gas" or "groceries".  In addition to this, Mvelopes also has a bill pay feature which allows users to pay some of their bills through the program.


  • Mvelopes has a free 14 day trial.
  • Mvelopes encourages debt-free living.
  • Users can link almost all bank accounts to their Mvelopes account.
  • Mvelopes is 100% safe.


  • Mvelopes is very pricey after the free trial.
  • Mvelopes cannot track investments or credit card information.
  • Mvelopes does not monitor bank accounts for fraudulent transactions.

Pricing.  Mvelopes offers a 14 day free trial.  After the free trial is costs $189.60 for a two-year membership, $129.60 annually, or $39.60 quarterly.

The Bottom Line

Both and Mvelopes are excellent companies to use for those who are interested in tracking their spending and creating an accurate online budget, but Mvelopes simple cannot compete with the additional services that are offered by  Not only is always completely free to use, but they also allow users to link their investment accounts and credit cards to their accounts for a more detailed profile than Mvelopes offers. also offers the added bonus of alerting users when there is suspicious activity on their accounts, and is more user-friendly than Mvelopes.

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