Factory Direct Buying Vs. Retail Buying: So What Is The Difference?
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Factory Direct Buying Vs. Retail Buying: So What Is The Difference?

Sometimes saving up to 75 percent is very possible with the right insider connections. Learn why the pubic is opting for factory direct buying vs. tradition retail buying.

With today’s economic “recovery” direction continuing to go south, saving money when purchasing furniture through factory direct buying as opposed to retail buying is now a viable option for many consumers.  Whether for their private homes or for investment rental property purposes, buyers consider it a well worthy effort to visit online or store front factory direct businesses where savings can be considerable. 

Traditional Retail Buying System                                                                                                           

Generally, furniture manufacturers sell furniture pieces to distributors.  The pieces are then sold by distributors to retail stores.  However, retail stores many times are already burdened by high overhead expenses and have no recourse but to target the public.

Obviously, each link in the commercial chain makes it ultimately nearly impossible for consumers to purchase furniture at reasonable prices.   


An Alternative For The Public: Factory Direct Buying

Essentially, this retail buying alternative consists of the public going to a manufacturer and making their purchase directly.  

Sometimes known as factory direct, direct buying or making wholesale purchases, the public has made the determination of buying factory direct or buying from wholesale distributors who have bought directly from the manufacturer.  It provides an alternate way to skip retail stores and a good method to save big on furniture.

Today, the dynamics of the Internet has taken factory direct buying to another level.  Many manufacturers/distributors have provided online ordering catalogues facilitating for the customers shopping online from their own kitchen table or living room sofa.

Factory Direct Advantages Over Retail Buying                                                

- Avoiding parking or traffic hassles by visiting an “online store”.  

- Significant savings of  sometimes up to 75 percent off of retail prices.Payments which can be made online may many times require a 50 percent deposit.

- Many manufacturers/distributors offer delivery service with complete installation, assembly and set-up in the customer’s home.  As a rule, deliveries from retail stores can take from two - eight weeks.

Many factory direct outlets or distributors offer a more wide, unique and high quality choice of commercial grade furniture/furnishings.

They may have previously come from factories which specialized in making furniture for high scale homes,  condos, time-shares, motel/hotel and even four and five-star restaurants.  Accordingly, their prices are competitive to the tune of hundreds and thousands of dollars.  This can be readily accomplished by the mere fact they have neither showrooms nor large overheads to reduce their profit margins.

As one can see, there are many reasons for which the public is today opting for factory direct buying versus retail buying.  However, many times, getting insider connections to a higher scale outlet is a challenge; but, well worth the effort in savings.

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Comments (3)

These are really important differences Beverly. Thanks for such expert advice. Voted up! :-)

Voted up this article Beverley. Hope to encourage writing.

There is also a great in between alternative! I am a member of the ProSource Wholesale showrooms.  As a contractor for over 20 years, we often sent our clients to Prosource to make their selections. The showrooms are located nationally.  All have over 20,000 samples of flooring on display.  Several of them also have a wholesale Kitchen & Bath Showroom.

They have huge buying power, so they are able to offer true everyday wholesale pricing. The designers are there to help you, not try to sell you something.  The showrooms are for members and their clients. You are welcome to visit my site at www.SaveOnRemodeling.net to request a Guest Pass or to make an appointment. As a guest of mine, you'll receive great service and fantastic pricing! Good luck on your project.