How Do You Save Enough Money For Something When You Have No Money To Save?
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How Do You Save Enough Money For Something When You Have No Money To Save?

This is an interesting question, how do you save up enough money for something, when you have little or no spare money to save? If you have done all the budgeting you can, and you have the best job you can find, and all the bills you are paying are too important not to pay, how do you save money?

How do you save enough money for something when you have no money to save? That's a good question, and I hope to answer it in this article. 

I'm trying to save up enough money to buy a new car. It doesn't have to be a new car, just one that doesn't make a noise like it's going to die any minute. 

My car started making a terrible noise about three months ago, and ever since then, I've been trying to save up enough to buy a new one, even though I don't really have any money to save. 

I managed to save about eight hundred dollars so far in my Pay Pal account, by writing articles like this. If you're interested, you can around five US dollars for a product review, or even a regular article like this, and I would recommend you join Factoidz if you're looking to make money online

If you do it that way, you can work your regular job, and write as many articles as you have time to write in your spare time, and easily earn an extra ten or twenty dollars a day. 

There aren't many ways to earn good money online, and if you're trying to save up for something, you don't really want to get a second job and the commitment of doing that just to save up for one thing. 

How To Save Money When You Have No Money

There is no way to save money if you have no money to save, so you have to do something like that, or you have to take another look at your budget, to see what cuts can be made. 

For example, I smoke cigarettes, and I tend to buy the tailor-made cigarettes, which cost about ten times as much as the roll-your-own ones. 

I play poker one night a week, and I drink alcohol, so there in fact a lot of things I could cut out of my budget if I really needed to, and I probably do, in order to buy that car before my old one breaks down. 

That's about all I have to say on this subject. How do you save enough money for something when you have no money to save? The answer is you can't, you have to earn money, or budget your money better. Those are the two options. 

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This article hits home for me. I am starting over in life since I going through a divorce. I have been saving money too to buy a better vehicle. the one I drive has 270,000 miles on it. I give this a vote.