How Does One Start "Extreme" Couponing?
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How Does One Start "Extreme" Couponing?

This is a “how to” on extreme couponing. This article will better help you understand and be equipped to save money using coupons. It doesn’t take hours to start saving money with coupons. The methods listed will help you get started on your journey. Follow these steps and you will be a pro in no time!

Extreme Couponing on TLC has everyone wanting to use coupons. You probably have some questions on couponing such as, where do you start?  Will it consume my entire life like it does theirs?  Will I really save money in the end?  Well, you came to the right place for answers.  I will walk you through the process on how to start “extreme” couponing. 

First, get all the coupons you can.  Sunday’s paper normally comes equipped with coupons.  So does the internet (sites like P&G or offer many coupons and samples!) or your family and friends.  There are many places to get coupons.  Clip them or print them and then get them organized.  Find a binder or a small coupon book to put them in.  Bring them each time you go to the store.  You never know when you might find a great deal but you left your coupons at home and only got an okay deal (it sucks, trust me!). 

After that, start small.  Don’t expect to get everything free right off the bat.  The people on TV have been doing it for years.  They have mastered their techniques.  They know the system and the rules inside an out.  Since this will be your first shot at couponing, start small.  Look at ad’s for only a couple of stores.  Perhaps try the ads for CVS, Walgreen’s, and/or Meijer.  If you only chose one, make it CVS.  They are always giving out ExtraCare Bucks.

Next comes the fun part.  Look at the ads and see what coupons you have for the things on sale.  Remember, we are starting small so we are not trying to get things free but at a discount.  Some grocery stores double coupons others let you layer them (i.e. Target allows you to use a Target coupon plus a manufacturing coupon on top of that!).  Make sure you know your stores rules before doing any “extreme” buys.  CVS is a great place to start.  Look at their ad.  See what items are giving away Extra Bucks (you must be a CVS ExtraCare member to get Extra Care Bucks but don’t worry, membership is free!)  For instance, they were giving $10 Extra Bucks with every $30 P&G purchase.  So, you look through the ad, find the P&G products (which are normally on sale when they run this deal) and match the products with the coupons you have.  In the end, you spend about $20-$25 and get $10 for your next purchase.  You turn around and see that if you buy these two items totaling $15 (which you have coupons for) you get $5 Extra Care bucks back.  So you go to the counter, give them your two items, give them your $10 Extra Care bucks plus your $2.00 in coupons and end up paying $3.00 for the whole purchase plus you get Extra Care bucks back!  It’s great!

I showed you how to start (small), I showed you it actually does save you money (plus gives you some back) and yes, it will end up consuming your life!  No, not in a bad way, but you will get addicted to the excitement of paying next to nothing for items you use daily.  Follow these steps and you will be “Extreme Couponing” in no time.   

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