How To Deal With An Unexpected Power Bill
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How To Deal With An Unexpected Power Bill

Every now and then, you run into a huge, unexpected large bill for power, or the phone or internet. It's important to understand that everyone gets into a little trouble at times, and there are many ways to save money, pay it off slowly, and even apply for hardship measures, in order to get back on your feet again.

Ever been stung with an expensive electricity bill, water bill, or gas bill, and you don’t know how on earth you are going to afford to pay it? Well, here are some tips I would like to share with you on how to avoid a large bill, and budget enough to get back on your feet when it happens.

First things first, turn all electrical equipment off at the power point except necessary items like your fridge as you don’t want your frozen goods to thaw obviously.

You must learn to discipline yourself with your use of power act as though you live in a third world country and only use the electricity as you need it and switch off as soon as your done, it’s a hard habit to get a hold of but you will learn and it will become easier day by day, try thinking as if you don’t want to give your money to a greedy electricity company and save it for yourself.

Next step is to ring the electricity company and organise a direct debit where you will repay a certain amount to the company every week or every fortnight but you will need to remember to make extra payments which brings me to the third step.

Dealing With A Large Power Bill

Look to where you can save money these things might include suspending your gym membership for a certain amount of time, ask your employer for more hours if you are currently working if not try your hardest to gain some employment, if you are not working see if you can get the allocated centrelink loan which is available to most job seekers every 12 months with a minimum of $500 loan which is repayed in fortnightly repayments.

Get assistance from a non profit organisation like St. Vincent’s, The Salvation Army or City Mission they can sometimes help you pay some off your electricity bill and if not they will help you with food vouchers which you can then spend at Woolworths or Coles supermarkets and in turn you pay the money you save on buying food off your electricity bill.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, look at your items you have in your house and make sacrifices to choose what you may be able to sell to give you that helping hand to get rid of this ghastly bill you have incurred. A really good and FREE site to list your items is called Gumtree, if you are in Australia.

I have found this site to be absolutely excellent and have bought and sold things off there on many occasions so I continue to use it, you can also list to have a garage sale which might be handy for you if you have a lot of unwanted items. It's a little like eBay, but for Australian people. 

Even little items can be sold, the trick to this is if you are on Facebook search for buy and sells located in your area there are bound to be a couple of groups people have started up where you can list items for sale obviously free of charge I have had luck in this area too, getting rid of jewellery.

Last but certainly not least always check the” junk” mail for specials these will become very handy on trying to save a buck or two it all adds up in the picture of things and sustain yourself from buying takeaways $5 bucks you spend on a coffee or a pie could be coming off your bill, this is very important to discipline yourself from impulsive won’t be having any luxuries in this time of need so get used to it!

You will have to find other ways to entertain yourself than spending money on outings like the pictures, If you like to watch movies go to the library and lend some they have a good selection to choose from. HAPPY SAVING!

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Comments (2)

Thanks for the tips!

The information is vitally important for those who have no excess money in their pockets. But even with tough saving of resources the amount of the bills seems to be unreasonable. 

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