How to Save Money on Produce at the Grocery Store
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How to Save Money on Produce at the Grocery Store

For people on a budget, saving money on produce at the grocery store is very important. Buy fruits and vegetables when they are in season and look for sale items by reading local flyers. Add in coupons to save even more money. Another tip is to buy produce items before they are fully ripened. Same money, one shopping trip at a time!

When you are on a budget, saving money at any store is important. Save money specifically on the fresh produce you purchase at the grocery store. Perhaps you are saving up for an expensive item or need to cut back financially to make your bill payments. Whatever the reason, you need ways to save money on produce at the store. Following a few tips will help you save money during each shopping trip.

Buy Seasonal Produce

Produce is often cheaper when it is in season. Specific fruits and vegetables are in abundance. Many stores put the produce items on sale to sell them quickly while they are still ripe.

Figure out what produce is in season where you live. Shop for these items at your local grocery store and purchase them when on sale to save money.

Read Flyers

Look at the flyers for your local grocery stores. Compare prices between items in a particular store and between grocery stores as well. Do so before you even enter a store in order to maintain focus; your attention may otherwise be diverted by colorful displays in-store.

Depending on the distances between stores and distances from your home, you may save money by buying certain flyer produce items at one store and others at another store. You will get the best prices at each location. Personal choice and specific weekly pricing for the week will help you determine if you save money with this tactic or if it is worth your time.

Write a Shopping List

Write down the produce items on sale onto a list for each grocery store you intend to visit. Take the list with you to the store and stick to the listed items. Otherwise, you may wind up buying expensive produce that together add up to more money than you can afford to spend on your current budget.

Use Produce Coupons

While produce coupons are not as common as coupons for other departments in a grocery store, they do exist. The fresh items do not have a “brand” or “no-name” alternative to which a coupon could relate. Instead, there are coupons for bagged varieties of produce. For example, bagged lettuce may have an associated coupon while a fresh head of lettuce does not.

Subscribe to coupon websites to keep track of current offers. The coupons may also be within local flyers and local newspapers. Take the vouchers to the grocery store with you to save you more money.

Buy Items Before They Ripen

When you buy produce items before they fully ripen, you and your household members have more time to eat the fruits and vegetables. For example, buy green bananas if you know they ripen quickly on your kitchen countertop or that you likely will not eat them for a few days after the purchase.

As well, only buy fruits and vegetables that you and your household members will reasonably eat before they go bad and are no longer edible. Be conscious of the amounts purchased in order to cut down on the amount of wasted food. When you throw away food that is never consumed, you throw away money too.

Create Your Own Garden

Cut down the amount of money you spend on produce at the grocery store by growing your own vegetables and fruits. The size of your garden depends on the space available at you home and the climate where you live. Try growing tomatoes in the summer months. Other grown items that will likely save you money are asparagus and berries. Save money while consuming fresher foods than you would find at the store.

Save money on produce at the grocery store by purchasing seasonal varieties and reading flyers. Write out a list of sale items and try buying items before they fully ripen to extend the time in which they have to be consumed. Add coupons to the mix to save even more money. The weekly savings at the grocery store add up to a considerable amount of money over time!

Photo Source: Stock.xchng website, Gander

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Comments (12)

Thank you so much for this very useful article in a time of need.

Lots of great tips for frugal food shoppers these days... sticking to second-rate grocery stores can save even more, but you lose out on quality...

Useful tips for readers to adhere to when facing continually rising prices at the grocery store.

This is very timely and useful in my place. From gas to electric bills rising, the foodstuff will sure to follow, thank you Christy.

Valuable post!  I agree bringing a list (sticking to it) and using coupons can help cut the prices.  I check out the newspapers to see who has what on sale and shop around for my groceries.  Thanks for the tips.

The food you buy is greatly affected by the timing.

My husband works in the produce section, ou should always ask where their marked down produce is too.  In some cases it is good for a few more days and is just blemished.  We often buy marked down fruits, chop them up and freeze them to make smoothies all summer long.

I want to know this and you gave the info....Smile...

Thank-you everyone for the comments, I am glad you learned information and found the read interesting to you!

Good tips on growing your own for saving as well as knowing you grew them a sense of pride.

GREAT share.

Excellent tips! And I especially like your suggestion to supplement with homegrown food.