How To Save More Money
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How To Save More Money

Who hasnÂ’t been hit by the bad economy? I think weÂ’ve pretty much all felt it in one way or another. People in general have had to learn how to save money in every way they can. Sometimes this means cutting out extras, eliminating bills, making lower monthly payments, and learning how to spend less on the things you need.

What extras do you have in your life that you could live without? If you really truly need to save money you can cut out things like manicures, movies, dinner out, and excessive shopping. Do your own nails to save $50.00 or so dollars a month. Watch what is on TV instead of going to the cinema to save another $50.00 a month or so. That’s $100.00 extra a month you will have to use on things like the electric bill, or food. Make dinner at home to save another $100.00 or so dollars if you dine out once a week. Buy only the things you need to save countless amounts, depending on how much you usually spend on things you want but don’t need. Think about all of the things you spend money on that really are not necessities and consider cutting them out.

If you have more bills to pay than you have money to pay the bills you have a big problem. Consider ending some of the services you pay for, such as monthly subscriptions, extra packages, and membership fees. When you eliminate bills you pay out less. Your money goes towards the important bills, such as utilities, mortgage, etc. When it comes down to keep your magazines or keep your house you cut the magazines. See what I mean?

Sometimes, just sometimes, if you ask real nice you can get your monthly amounts lowered on the bills you currently pay. To do this contact the bill issuer and ask about lower monthly payments. When you drop the total amount of each bill, or at least of a few bills, you will save money each month, and have a better chance of being able to pay for everything you need to pay for.

Lastly, you can learn how to save money like a professional penny pincher. Use coupons, buy generic brands, buy used rather than new…do whatever it takes to save a dollar. There are countless ways to never pay full price on anything…even on gasoline. Apply for a rewards card at the gas station you use to save as much as or more than .10 a gallon. Apply for a discount card through your pharmacy to save on medication costs, or apply for state insurance to have the costs paid for you. Get a bonus card for your grocery store and use coupons to save a ton on food, or apply for food stamps if you are seriously in need of food. Shop at auctions, dollar stores, yard sales, or online to save a ton on the products you would usually pay full price for. Everywhere you go, and every time you are about to spend money look for the best deal.

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