Top Five Banks or Credit Unions in Utah
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Top Five Banks or Credit Unions in Utah

Top Five Banks or Credit Unions in Utah. Where should I do my banking

During this financial crisis, we are starting to discover that the things that used to be simple, or trivial in life have become some of the most important decisions we can make today. Things like, where we buy our shoes, or our groceries; who our cell phone provider is, and how many minutes we want; Or, which bank or credit union holds my debit card. These things have become paramount in our daily spending habits, and how we can manage them to our advantage.

What I have to offer, is the Top Five Banks or Credit Unions to do your banking here in the state of Utah. Some have advantages in quantity, others quality, what I will try and do, is educate you on which will work best for you.

1: America First Credit Union - Although it pains me to put anything but my current employer on top of this list, it is only fair to say that although U.S. Bank may dominate nationally, it is outdone by this immaculate local Credit Union here in Utah. With just over 100 bank branches in Utah, America First takes the cake when it comes to convenient banking.

2: U.S. Bank - Topping the "Bank" side of Financial Institutions, U.S. Bank is the safest rated bank in the Nation. They were the first of the major Financial Institutions to pay off their unwanted TARP fund from the government, and have grown in the meantime. With over 30 Locations from Provo - Ogden, they also add the much needed convenience of a local Bank.

3: Chase Bank - Another Financial institution with Nationwide "uber-presense," Chase has really begun to grow within the state of Utah. After the takeover of Washington Mutual, Chase banks footprint was immediately expanded to a statewide leader. They are particularly strong when it comes to larger balances and commercial accounts.

4: Mountain America Credit Union - Much like #1 on this list, you can't travel too far in the Valley, and not see a Mountain America. Although Small Business is not as popular in the Credit Union world, Mountain America strives on becoming a "go-to" institution for your Small Business needs.

5: Wells Fargo - Wells Fargo makes the list for 2 reasons. They are everywhere. Seriously, in Utah, it seems as though Wells Fargo and 7-11 are competing for land space. The other is that, Wells Fargo, much like U.S. Bank, is a very strong rated bank, showing growth during a recession that crippled many other institutions.

So there you have it folks, when it comes to banking, I say get the best of both worlds on your side. A Credit Union relationship, in addition to a Bank relationship will maximize savings, rewards, and opportunities in your world of banking.

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Comments (2)

I'm gonna have to go ahead and disagree with myself here... I tried not to make it obvious that I wanted to plug my Bank, but darn it, it is the best place to bank in Utah, and it should read, U.S. Bank #1, America First #2. We're bigger, stronger, and have quite a bit more to offer... so there you have it. When I'm a level 5 Maven or whatever, I will edit this article to reflect all that is true :)

Bigger doesn't always equate with better. It's hard to beat a credit union's fees, or the lack of them. The comparison is astounding. I guess it all comes down to what types of banking you're needing, but for mostly personal stuff, AFCU really is the best.